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Update 2 – Footprints Life School

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Dear Parents,


We are excited to see your trust in Footprints as your Parenting partner. It is incredible to see many of our Footprints parents choosing to walk with us in nurturing children as a Life-skilled World citizen. Big cheers to the parents who have registered at Footprints Life school for April 2019 Session. We would like to take this opportunity to share some more about Project based learning (PBL).


~Students learning through PBL retain content longer and have a deeper understanding of

what they are learning.


~In specific content areas, PBL has been shown to be more effective than traditional methods

for teaching math, economics, language, science, and other disciplines.


~On high-stakes tests, PBL students perform as well or better than traditionally taught



~PBL helps students master the key competencies identified as essential for college and career



~Students demonstrate better problem-solving skills in PBL than in more traditional classes

and are able to apply what they learn to real-life situations.


~When teachers are trained in PBL methods, they devote more class time to teaching 21st

century skills; their students perform at least as well on standardized tests as students

engaged in traditional instruction.


~PBL students also show improved critical thinking.


Courtesy: – Buck Institute of Education (BIE)


Update on Construction ~ We are excited to share construction initiation of ground floor.


We are thankful for initial enthusiasm by all of you, we are glad to inform that we are pretty close to filling up our first section of Nursery. Should you have any questions related to school – call Puchika at +91 9599385335.


Just to remind – we are currently offering our existing parents an option to block seat by paying just Rs 20,000 (which also is refundable till Feb 2019) and pay rest by September 2018. Please click here to fill admission form http://lifeschool.footprintseducation.in/index.php/admission-form/


Footprints Life School

“We prepare our children for life”




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