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Footprints Life School Update 1

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Dear Parents,

We are delighted to see your trust in Footprints as your Parenting partner. It is incredible to see many of our Footprints parents choosing to walk with us in nurturing children as a Life-skilled World citizen. Big cheers to the parents who have registered at Footprints Life school for April 2019 Session. We would like to take this opportunity to share some updates on our progress at Footprints life school.


~*The school is located at Block B, Vipul world, Sohna road, Gurgaon.


~*We are one level up from the ground and our basement construction is ready to be designed for taking out athletes in our children.


~*With the 21st century leaning competency, we are choosing to provide our children applicable education through Project Based Learning well guided by pioneer Buck Institute for Education, along with student-driven learning approach.


We have listed down Frequently Asked Questions by parents on calls and emails, which we will be addressing in these emails. Starting with following FAQs:

What makes Footprints Life School distinct?

Footprints life school has a vision to provide authentic skills development in all areas namely, sports, creative arts, performing arts and academics. We do not believe in a 30min class of activities, we are committed to have a professional coaching provided to children based on their choice of activity. Also, the learning and teaching approach is project based learning where each intelligence is integrated to be able to have real life learning. As the name suggest, we are in the journey to nurture children as a Life skilled world citizens.

What extra-curricular activities does footprints life school offer?

At Footprints Life School, every activity—whether in arts, culture or sports is a part and parcel of the curriculum and hence treated with equal passion, rigor and importance. We ensure that all these activities inculcate habits of team work, persistence and hard work in your child. To name a few we offer basketball, tennis, dance, theatre, musical Instruments, gymnastic, swimming.

 We are delighted to have you right from the foundational phase, and so we plan to send out regular updates on the progress that is made to build a school our children love by every 1th week of the month.

Registration Link http://lifeschool.footprintseducation.in/index.php/admission-form/

Do you have any query, feel free to call us +91 +91 8448494672

Footprints Life School

“We prepare our children for life”




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