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How a read-o-stick pen increases the child’s learning manifold

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As parents we would all love to see our child grow into independent learners. Yet despite our best intentions not many of us have enough time on a working day to read to the child, to pique his curiosity enough so that he or she is set up on a learning journey of his own.

This is exactly where the read-o-stick pen comes in handy. The device serves two main objectives- that of making the child an independent learner and to improve his reading skills. What the device really does is to help the child explore language and develop an interest in it.

In effect with a read-o-stick you are jumpstarting the child’s academic progress and helping him develop critical early learning skills as well as encouraging self-paced independent learning. The fact that they are fun to use makes learning a fun activity for the child. This in turn sets ground for a healthy relationship with self-learning for the child.

The read-o-stick device is integrated with the book sets to provide the child exhaustive learning. The book sets also come with a whole lot of games that the child enjoys playing and learning becomes a byproduct.

The books do not just teach the child words and sounds but also help instill a whole lot of life skills that are invaluable to his growth and development. With each book catering to a particular monthly theme, you will soon see the child picking out his favorite books.

To understand its workings better consider this example- if you were to write MAGGI in the same font and colors as on the pack, odds are that your two-year-old will read it as Maggi even though he doesn’t as much as know the alphabets, through the process of visual learning. In fact the whole language approach, used extensively at Footprints, allows the child to read faster and make minimal spelling mistakes. This is as opposed to phonics, which help the kid make a connection between sounds and letters. Ever wondered whether a certain word has an “e” followed by an “i” or vice versa. This is because you are trying to link the sound of the word with the letters and are sometimes prone to make mistakes. In the visual learning method, however, these mistakes are minimized.

With technology having taken over most aspects of our lives, the one major fall out has been that our kids are increasingly getting addicted to their mobile phones and tabs. The read-o-stick and the book sets are a great way to wean the child off that phone and engage him in active learning. In fact the encouragement provided by the read-o-stick for the child’s correct responses and the gentle redirection for incorrect ones, helps the child pick up a whole lot of concepts without even realizing that he is as much as spending time studying. The pleasure of seeing the child set off on an independent journey is hard to describe- that is exactly what you are about to witness with the read-o-stick pens.

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