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Footprints Monthly Planner for March 2014 : Class Toddlers

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March meaning embodies a kind of reigniting of the hearts and consciousness of humankind. This month we feel the initial kicks of Spring from the deepest womb of the Mother (Earth).

Concept- Fruits

Class Activities:

Choice Time: Kids will pick their corner and material of their own choice to play/ have interaction with teachers.

Assembly Time: Kids will do physical exercises, Thank you God (Prayer), Rhymes: Introduction- Lala ji ne kela khaya and Revision of previous rhymes. National Anthem, Gayatri Mantra.

Large Group Activity: Different races:

Fruit Race, Bag race, Walk on straight Line

Music and Movement

Flash cards of fruits

Discussion on importance of eating fruits.


Numbers (1-20), Alphabets (A to Z)

Story – Sharing, Friendship

Small Group Activity: Revision of Body parts, Use of Excuse me, Informal conversation, Treasure Hunt,

Art & Craft:

Thumb painting in apple

Finger painting in banana

Yellow paper pasting in papaya

Make a tree with natural objects

Collage of fruits

Sensory Activity:

Touch and feel all fruits.

Brain Game:  Empty and fill the basket, puzzles


Stage Practice




Important Dates/Days:

Annual Day Celebration – 15th March                                                       


Please label all your kids belongings.

Please check your kid and kid’s belongings at the time of pick up.

Please send and put weather appropriate clothes on.

Please clip nails of your kids every Sunday.


We welcome new friend/s to our class room.

 Footprints Team.


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