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Footprints Monthly Planner for JUNE 2016 : Class Play Group

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Theme – Seasons.

Choice Time: Kids will pick their corner and material of their own choice to play/ have interaction with teachers.

Assembly Time::Kids will do physical exercises, Thank you God (Prayer) Aye Malik Tere Bande Hum…., Revision of previous rhymes; Rain Rain go away, Blow wind blow. Gayatri Mantra, National Anthem and Yoga.

Large group and small group activities:-

Fruit/Vegetable: – Mango, water melon

Animal/Bird/Insect: – Peacock, frog, Lion

Shapes: – Semi Circle and recap rectangle, square, triangle, circle.

Concept: – Hot/cold; up/Down

Numbers: – Recap 1-4 and Introduction of 5,6,7,8

Alphabets: – Recap Aa, Ss, Ii, Tt, Introduction of Pp, Mm;


Sight words: – mat, sit, sat, tap, tip, come, see

Thematic Words: – Rain, winter, season, summer, Umbrella, raincoat, sweater, cold, hot, water.

StoryThirsty Crow, storytelling by teachers

Art & Craft:

  • Music and Movement: Dance on beats and rhymes

Action words – drinking, swimming

Manner Action words & etiquettes-

  • Say Bye
  • Say please

Sensory Activity: Exploring Textures and sounds

Celebration Dates:-

Father’s Day 17th June 2016


  • Please label all your kids belongings.
  • Please check your kid and kid’s belongings at the time of pick up.
  • Please send and put weather appropriate clothes on.
  • Please clip nails of your kids every Sunday

Welcome: We welcome new friend/s to our class room.


Footprints Team.

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