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Footprints Monthly Planner for January 2017 : Class Pre-Nursery

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Theme – Green World

Choice Time: Kids will pick their corner and material of their own choice to explore objects /materials and have interaction with teachers. Sand corner, Open ended materials corner, Reading corner.

Assembly Time: Yoga, Warm up exercises, Prayer Thank You God, Aye Malik Tere Bande Hum…., Rhymes and action songs, Gayatri Mantra, National Anthem.

Large Group Activity [Activities are integrated with Art and craft, cognitive skills, language skills and pretend play]

Skills: -Cognitive, Physical, Language and social -emotional skills

  • Importance of trees and greenery around us
  • Different seeds and plants
  • Names of flowers
  • Flash cards of various kinds of trees and plants
  • Role Play, set up a corner which looks like a flower shop or a garden
  • Explore park and garden in the centre
  • Plant is alive game

Small Group Activity: [Activities are integrated with Art and craft, cognitive skills, language skills and pretend play]

Reading & Writing activities

(Skills: -Cognitive, Physical, Language and social -emotional skills)

  • Match flower with flower names
  • Letters recap, tracing alphabets (as per child’s milestone)
  • Provide a basket of few flowers real. Children will pick their favorite one and name them.
  • Plant- painting using indigenous materials
  • Green House making and observation of how it works

Creative Arts

  • Plant collage
  • Flower mask making by children
  • Colour the flower
  • Leaf printing

Story Session: – The Prince and the Seeding- Panchantra Story

Manner Action words & etiquette- [Through role plays]

  • Saying Thank you
  • Saying Sorry

Celebration Dates: –

Republic Day celebration

Lohri Celebration

Excursions: – Field trip to Florist or Nearest Park


Please label all your kids belongings.

Please check your kid and kid’s belongings at the time of pick up.

Please send and put weather appropriate clothes on.

Please clip nails of your kids every Sunday.

Welcome: We welcome new friend/s to our class room.

 Footprints Team.


Wish you all a Happy New Year!

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